The same set of rules apply here as with ANY Wiki.

Author NumberEdit

This is a tricky policy to capture a title for, but it's really just this: The maximum number of editors one page can have. Considering how out-of-hand pages with multiple editors can get, we're making the maximum number five, so people can still work together, and it's not too crazy with edit conflicts and the like. If a user gives up on a page, another user can take over for it, and the number resets at one. As for simply correcting spelling, grammar, links, and other small stuff, it doesn't count towards the editor number. All you have to do is make sure you put an edit summary, such as "Fix spelling", "Fix grammar", "Fix links", etc.

Mary Sue PolicyEdit

As you may have heard, numerous people have been calling certain characters "Mary Sues". If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, you may want to check its Tv Tropes page. Our definition is, though, a character (usually an edited pic of another character [but not all]) that is mostly generally liked by all the characters in the story they're in, then hated, and/or annoyed, by the users. Also, a character that has far too many skills and mostly no weaknesses. This includes, but is not limited to:having no fears, being perfectly good at everything, and being super-smart (though in that respect there already IS one: Phoebe Heyerdahl), among other activities. If they have more than two of this skills, (or less, if they brag about it) they are a Mary Sue by our definition. A user that makes a Mary Sue character will recieve a warning on the article's talk page, then their user talk page. If they refuse to change it, or change it slightly and think it's good, it may result in a block from 3 days to a week, depending on how they reacted to the warnings. If a user repeatedly and purposely makes their character a Mary Sue, they may be repeatedly blocked for a longer period each time, until an eternal block is set. A Mary Sue will be deleted if not changed.

Edited Character PictureEdit

If you take an existing character's picture and edit it to make it another character, no matter how hard you try, how good it looks, it will be deleted. That is all. No exceptions.

Personal Use ImagesEdit

It's okay if you want to upload a non-Hey Arnold! related image for use in your Userpage and Talk Page, but the image is HIGHLY PROHIBITED for use in regular pages, except if the page topic corresponds to the topic of the image. Failure to keep it in only your userpage, talk page or a page with a corresponding topic will lead to file deletion.